Spring in New England… if you know, you know. We’ve spent the last 12 days below average in Boston, our last above average day was April 18th! We broke that trend today, but only for a day as we head back in the other direction for the rest of this week.

It was nice to see the sun back today after a very gray and wet weekend. Saturday wasn’t too bad with the rain showers holding off until Saturday evening. But starting Saturday evening until the rain ended this morning, we had some pretty impressive totals across the area — some towns approaching 4″ of rain! There were localized downpours especially overnight last night which is why some of these totals varied from one side of town to the other. Take Beverly for example, the airport reported 3.03″ of rain with another report of 3.88″. Either way, it was a soaker for everyone across New England.

Despite the last two days being quite a soaker across New England, the month of April actually brought below average rain for Boston. Boston picked up more of its April rain in the last two days of the month than the first 28 days! The majority of us needed the rain we got over the weekend, though that’s not the case for EVERYONE. Worcester actually finished the month with rainfall 0.70″ above average for the month.

Like I said earlier, we’re heading back to the showery and cool pattern for the rest of the week. That’s all thanks to HUGE area of low pressure sitting over the Great Lakes right now and it’s moving at a snail’s pace eastward. That means we’ll be under the influence of that storm through Friday! So what will it bring us? Cooler temperatures and scattered showers for the next four days… womp womp.

Look at the cold air bottled up under that storm! So as it slides east it will pull that cold air eastward into New England and touch off scattered showers as it does.

Tomorrow is day one back into that pattern with highs stuck in the 50s (we should be in the low 60s) and scattered showers. That said, I don’t think it’s a full overcast day as we will see breaks of sun, but likely a mostly cloudy sky as the clouds outnumber the sun. And buckle up, this pattern is here to stay through Friday.

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