Up and Down Temps..Mostly Up.

You roll into mid February and some early signs of spring appear…..increased daylight being a big one but also some warm days and check out our latest 7-day forecast:

The normal high temp for this time of year is close to 40 and by the looks of that graphic….only 1 day where temps will be below normal, otherwise a bunch of warm days. Our pattern is certainly a warm pattern and that will continue for the next several days:

With that said…..a few cold days are likely even with a week or two of warmth—even a bout of snow can happen and low and behold, check out that snowflake for Saturday night! The snow threat won’t come from a nor’easter or blockbuster but it still appears that some snow is likely late Saturday evening and overnight from a fast-moving storm:

The storm won’t hang around very long—in by mid evening Saturday and out by 7-8am Sunday. Here is the thinking right now:

A bit early for snow maps as the track is still capable of shifting around but hopefully we’ll have a map up tomorrow. Even if we get snow overnight Saturday, it’s won’t stick around very long..more warmth on tap early next week!

Before the snow potential, some mild days to close out the week–both tomorrow and Friday the afternoon temps reach the 50s (upper 50s tomorrow and right around 50 on Friday). Quite a few clouds around tomorrow into Friday morning with even a few showers early Friday morning. Sunshine comes back Friday afternoon.