Ups And Downs Of Springtime

Sure has been chilly these past few weeks….For New England, our coolest start to April since 2007! For the nation, except for the Desert Southwest, a very cold early April…

Nature works in strange ways tho…..always looking for balance (much like the Force)….do you recall last September-October?

Correct! Our warmest on record! What goes up must come down. That also works the other way…..the pattern will flip back warm sooner or later (truth be told, I’d rather have a chilly March-april than May-June). In the short term, our temps will start to head up, if only for a few days but even a few days of warmth will keep the flame of hope burning. Here is the temp trend into the weekend…

Not too shabby! There will be some clouds and showers to contend with late in the day on Thursday but otherwise, dry as the warmer weather arrives. The (mainly) dry and warming stretch will also do a number on tree pollen:

Sadly, as soon as Saturday afternoon along the coast (including Boston) the chilly air will return and be with us into early next week. Speaking of early next week, our next big storm is slated for early next week and it does look like Marathon Monday could bear the brunt of that storm:

The storm does seem like a sure thing but the exact timing of the steadiest rain is still up for debate…perhaps we can hold off the steady rain until late day or get the steady rain out of here before 9am..more on that in the coming days.