Wait For It…

As advertised last night, we had to wait all morning to finally break out the afternoon sunshine.  Highs made it into the low and mid 60s away from the coastline, and up to 54° in Boston where a sea breeze held temps on the cool side.  It was a HUGE improvement upon yesterday’s weather – albeit, a slow start.  I even caught myself thinking earlier today, “Where is that Sunday sun I had in my forecast?”  We just had to WAIT for it… and that will be the case again tomorrow.

Overnight, clouds fill back in and will keep temps in the mid to upper 40s for lows.  Tomorrow will start with patchy fog and cloudy skies again, but we’ll “wait for it” again – and eventually the sunshine will break out tomorrow afternoon.  It’s also warmer tomorrow, with inland areas climbing into the low and mid 70s – but the coast will be in the 60s tomorrow with a sea breeze developing in the afternoon.

Things get even warmer on Tuesday – which will feel more like summer than like spring.  Highs should be around 80° for most, and the day will feature some summer-like humidity as well (dewpoints around 64°).  So, when you get the warmth and the moisture – you have a couple of great ingredients to pop some thunderstorms.  All you need is to add a little “lift” – and that will be provided by a cold front working through.  We’ll be keeping our “eyes on the skies” Tuesday afternoon and evening for potential storms.  Some of those storms could be strong; damaging wind and downpours are possible.  As always, we’ll be tracking it all for you.

That front may hang up close to the South Coast of New England on Wednesday.  This could keep showers in the area through the morning hours.  Have a great week!  Breezy