WANTED:  Rain…  Seems like it’s becoming a tired headline, right?  Then again, it seems like just yesterday when we were in the midst of an historic winter and the headline was, “Where will we put all of this snow?”  I suppose that question was rhetorical, because no one ever really came up with a good answer for that 110.6″ of snow… except for the guy who sold the snow on the internet (that was a GREAT idea).  BUT back to the here-and-now:  We once again keep repeating ourselves with the line “We’ll take every drop we can get!”  I’m sure you’re tired of seeing the “Drought Monitor” graphic – but it truly is a dire situation.  We NEED rain.  Many of us WANT rain (if you are thinking, “not me!” go check your lawn/garden).  Every day that goes by without rain, we fall about 0.10″ behind on the precip tally.  Most of us are sitting at about 9-10″ BELOW average of rain for the year.  For more on this, check out Rob Eicher’s blog from this morning:  https://whdh.com/weather-blog/some-drought-relief/

The good news is, we DO have some rain the forecast… but it’s a little hard for me to have faith in a good soaking when it seems like most times we’ve promised rain this summer, Mother Nature hasn’t delivered the goods.  That’s the cynic in me talking.  Though, this time around things look a little more promising for 0.50″-1.00″+ of rain!  That will HELP – and we’ll TAKE IT!  Because (and say it with me now), “We’ll take every drop we can get!”  I suppose the unfortunate part is that we are expecting some wet weather on one of our weekend days… but it does not look like a complete washout for Sunday.  Here’s the timeline as I see it:

Tomorrow’s wet weather looks to be more spotty showers than anything, mostly hit and miss, moving in from the W/NW – and dampening the western half of New England first.  East of Worcester, these showers are more likely in the afternoon/evening.  There could be some rumbles of thunder in this action… and if storms do develop, there’s a possibility they could get feisty.  While it doesn’t look LIKELY we’ll get severe weather – we can’t rule it out completely.  Of course, we’ll be keeping an eye on it for you!  When we’re not on air, you can find us online at http://www.whdh.com (duh, obviously you found this blog on our website) – or you can even track rain/storms on radar for yourself by downloading our app.  Just sayin’.  #shamelessplug #7News #thenewsstation  Meantime, Sunday will be MUGGY and MILD.  We’ll be looking for highs in the low 80s for many, if we can get enough sunshine to peak through our mostly cloudy skies.  The “Frizz Factor” goes up as well… Making tomorrow a bad day for a raincoat because you may find you’ve just turned yourself into a human greenhouse.  Gross.

Heading to Gillette??  LUCKY!  Here’s your forecast:

It looks much more likely for Monday to be our day with some good soakers moving through, and again, even some storms.  This is the case from the morning commute through the evening commute… Sorry I can’t break it down in better specifics as far as the timeline goes.  Just know that Monday will be a day for the irrigatin’ boots (rain boots) and the umbrella.  Highs will be in the mid 70s and its muggy once again.  Think, “Florida weather” and dress for that.

Past this wet weather, another DRY stretch… but it looks enjoyable – if your able to put this “dire drought situation” in the back of your mind for a second and imagine the best type of September weather:  Sunshine, temps topping out in the upper 70s to low 80s, low humidity.  Summer, is that you?  You’ve made a return!  and just in time for the Autumnal Equinox on Thursday; the start of fall.  – OH, I almost forgot… GO PATS!