7Weather- We went from sunshine in the morning to bubbly clouds and spotty showers in the afternoon today. We’ll do it all over again to kick off the week.

Monday morning will be sunny with temperatures in the mid and upper 50s. You’ll see a few clouds around mid-day and it is warm in the low 70s. This is the warmest the coast will get, before a sea breeze kicks in. Inland areas make it into the mid and upper 70s once again.  Like the last several days, there will be spotty showers or a storm in the afternoon.

Tuesday has highs between 74-80º. There could be a few sprinkles in the morning, and then it clears up for the rest of the day. It looks like inland areas will get into the low 80s. An onshore breeze keeps the coast cooler.

With the nice weather comes high pollen count. Our allergy forecast remains high-severe the rest of the week for tree pollen.

Thursday looks to be about 15-20º above average in the mid 80s, at least for inland cities. Areas along the coast will be cooler with a sea breeze. A system to our north will likely bring a few, on and off showers to end the week on Friday. With the clouds and chance of rain, highs drop into the low 70s.

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