Warmest Day of 2019

We hit 89 degrees in Boston today, making it the warmest day of 2019. We have had two 80 degrees days so far. The last one was on May 20th when we hit 88 degrees. The month of May started cool and below average, and now we’re on a streak of 9 days above average.

Memorial Day will be cooler and closer to average in the 70s. The day starts with sunshine, and then the afternoon will have partly sunny skies.

Highs will be between 70-76º. The Cape & the Islands will be a bit cooler the 60s.

Pre-game celebrations for Game 1 of the Stanley Final are looking good. There will be some extra clouds around with mild temps in the upper 60s.

Post-game celebrations (hopefully it’s a W), are dry and cool.

The Red Sox game looking good on Memorial Day. Temps are in the low 70s for first pitch. Tuesday not looking as nice with scattered shower and temps in the upper 50s.