Yesterday was actually a very nice winter day despite temperatures staying below average. We had straight blue sky and no wind. We’ll gain a little in the temperature department today, add just a tiny bit of wind, and a few clouds as well. Either way, it’s still a nice afternoon. Generally the clouds will be higher level clouds and the wind will be gentle, from the southeast at 5-10 mph. That slight onshore wind will keep coastal locations on the bottom half of the range below, while inland towns climb to the higher end numbers.

Tomorrow we continue with the baby steps up in our temperature climb. Most of us should make it to the 40s tomorrow afternoon with a good amount of sunshine back for your Thursday.

Friday, a good number of us will continue with the temperature climb, however our northern spots across Route 2, so southern New Hampshire, the Worcester Hills, and Merrimack Valley will probably find Thursday and Friday to be similar in the temperatures. For those areas specifically, and even some others, you’ll probably find Thursday to be the nicer of the two days to end the week as it will feature more sunshine. Friday the clouds take over and showers on and off through the day.

The precipitation will start late Thursday and with colder air in place, will start as a few snow showers early on. Late Thursday and continuing during the the overnight hours may snow lightly and lead to a coating in the higher elevations, but that would be about it.

The inland storm track will pull warmer air into the storm, so by the time we get out the door Friday morning, we will have flipped this over to rain for everyone. And those scattered rain showers will continue on and off through the entire day Friday. So take the umbrella with you Friday, you’ll need it through the day.

The next several days will feature light wind, which is always good news in winter. I don’t think it will be quite as dead calm as yesterday was, but those winds will stay on the lighter side through Friday. However, as our Friday storm moves out, a colder northwest breeze will develop and push colder air back in for the weekend.

Saturday is a cold day. We’ll get sunshine back, but temperatures will only climb to about freezing — 41° is average, so that will leave us about 10° below normal. With the breeze, however, feels like temperatures will probably hang out around 20° for much of the afternoon. BRRR. Sunday is a warmer day and will keep a slight breeze. With warmer temperatures, and less of a breeze (still some wind, but less than Saturday), Sunday will feel quite a bit nicer than Saturday.

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