Warmth Kicks Weekend Off

After achieving widespread low to mid 80s Friday afternoon, we feature the warm weather to start off this weekend as it still lingers across southern New England.

While the biggest complex of thunderstorms this morning stays just south of southern New England, it’s not out of the question to pick an isolated shower through midday, but those showers will be few and far between and won’t take up much time. The system is more of a cloud producer vs rain producer for us, although at times, enough filtered/breaks of sunshine gets through to warm temps up into the mid 70s to low 80s. Another warm, and overall nice June-like day ahead of us! The breeze will be a bit more active today as well. That wind turns north tonight and northeast tomorrow, and that’s all she wrote for the warm weather this weekend.

With winds back to the northeast on Sunday, you know what that means! Much cooler weather with highs in the low 50s at the coast to low 60s inland. Most of the day will be dry with intervals of sun and clouds.

Ups and downs of New England weather are on display next week with the best chance for widespread soaking rains arriving Thursday afternoon to Friday. As it appears now.

Enjoy the weekend and go Sox!

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