We Are Cooking!

Weird. A month ago tonight a blizzard was peeling out of town and fast-forward to this evening and we’re coming off an afternoon of record warmth (heat). Boston & Worcester both crushed their records:

Quite impressive considering the normal high for the day is 54. Perhaps even more remarkable was over in Westfield where the thermometer reached 90! If it was too hot for some of you the good news is that this is not the beginning of some big warm spell (like we saw in late February), rather, just a slight correction in temps the next few days.

That correction comes in the form of a cool front which will shove the summer preview into the harbor tomorrow. This front will not wash out your Wednesday but it will require some rain gear for about 3-4 hours tomorrow afternoon. It looks like the best chance of showers (and perhaps a few rumbles of thunder) would be between 12-4pm. Temps tomorrow are still expected to have a warm feel–perhaps a little humidity as well–reaching the mid & upper 60s during the afternoon.

Sunshine & cooler weather arrive for the end of the week, cooler meaning afternoon highs 55-60…which is still above normal by about 4-5 degrees.

Enjoy your Tuesday evening.