We Bid Them Adieu

What a great day! Perhaps a bit humid early on but from midday through the afternoon it really was a fantastic day with temps in the upper 70s & low 80s. Here’s where everyone finished…
A mere 20 degrees above the normal high of 61 for Boston. In all likelihood it’s the last time the city reaches 80 degrees until next year. I was curious to see how often Boston has reached 80 after October 19th….it’s only happened 4 times (3 times in October and 1 in November). Not very good odds unless you’re Lloyd Christmas.

So, we bid adieu to the 80s for the year and get back to fall. Tomorrow is a decent day with partly sunny skies–clouds waiting until afternoon to show up. The biggest change from today will be the cooler temps but cooler just means getting back to where we should be…low 60s. Some of those clouds may toss a few sprinkles at us late in the day but it appears that’s more likely in western New England than eastern New England.

Friday we’ll add more clouds to the mix and ramp of the chance of some scattered showers, more so late day evening that early morning. We may see a decent slug of moisture work up across New England Friday evening with potentially an inch of rain for us. The reason for the showers/downpours is a powerhouse storm that will travel up through New York state and park itself in southern Canada over the weekend..
…for us it means a windy weekend. Wind gusts are likely to be at or over 30 mph both days and that will be a chilly wind with temps only in the 50s both days. Get ready for plenty of leaves under afoot.