Weather So Nice, We Do It Twice

We needed a little patience yesterday as the day started off damp with plenty of clouds, but the wait was worth it. As soon as sunshine broke out, temperatures jumped up and finished off in the mid to upper 60s for many. Today, we’ll have wall to wall sunshine as another nice day is upon us. The difference will be the breeze today. Lighter winds allow for sea breezes to kick in, knocking temps back into the low to mid 50s at the coast. Inland, temps run up into the low to mid 60s again. Enjoy!

Showers roll in tomorrow and will be in and out through the day. A steadier batch of rain, thunder and embedded downpours moves through tomorrow night, setting the stage for a damp start to the weekend. While we’ll have leftover puddles and a soaked ground early Saturday morning, there will be some improvements as we catch a few breaks of sun through the day. While much of Saturday turns rain-free, a few isolated showers are still possible. It’ll be cool and breezy too, mid 50s for highs.

Sunday starts dry before a few showers work in during the afternoon.

Have a good day!