Yes, we’ll talk bout the spring showers in store for tomorrow – but first, can we just talk about today?!

This is what we’ve been waiting for.  Even the coastline of E. Mass made it into the 60s – and a few spots into the 70s!  Here is spring!  This is SPRING!  (I’m singing that, FYI.  I know it’s hard to tell when it’s just written text, but there’s definitely some fancy vocals going on in my head as I type “spring”).

Naturally, we’ll switch it up tomorrow.  The 60s are out and the showers are in, and it’s an all day rain event.  Plan on the morning commute being damp, with light scattered showers move in:

Steadier, heavier rain and even a few rumbles of thunder will move through mid-day into the afternoon.  Temps are in the low to mid 50s tomorrow:

Showers should taper tomorrow evening to more of a drizzle/mist.  Still, it’s damp overnight tomorrow night and there’s still a slight chance of a spot shower on Thursday – though we’ll get our washout day out of the way tomorrow.  Also a slight chance of a spot shower on Friday and Saturday – though not everyone will get in on those drops.  Plus, as you can see from the graphic at the top of this blog post, it’s back into the 60s to wrap up the work week.

Now that we’ve finally made the switch to spring – we can sit back, relax and enjoy, right?  Well, that would be the idea for anywhere but here in New England.  Instead, we’re going to turn the temp up next week.  See my tweet and appropriate GIF from earlier today:

Locate the umbrella tonight to have handy tomorrow!  – Breezy

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