Weekend Plans

Welp…..Unofficially we close the books on summer this weekend and it looks like we close it with the threat of some wind & rain. Our blogs have covered Hermine–Hurricane, Tropical Storm, Depression, et al and she is still the main culprit for any weekend mischief we may have. Like the past few nights, it still appears that High Pressure (parked in northern New England this weekend) will act like big brother…”You’re my boy, Blue!”…preventing a direct hit of rain, wind & waves in New England but there will be some of that, especially toward the end of the weekend.
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The weekend starts fantastic with all sorts of sunshine, light wind & low humidity tomorrow so make that your beach, pool, lake, outdoor day. As for Sunday-Monday, this is where it is tricky as Hermine will fling some rain & wind up into New England but it won’t be together. The wind shows up first–developing Sunday afternoon & lasting through early Monday morning. At that time, the rain takes over but only scattered showers are expected. Next two graphics detail the wind, rain threat for the region…

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Those wind gusts will be from the northeast and quite frankly, we’ve seen far worse from nor’easters (granted, fully leafed-out trees can snap easier than leafless trees in that kind of wind). Also, that wind won’t be continuous for 24 hours, rather just intermittent late Sunday afternoon through early Monday morning (then subsiding).

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As for the rain….again, despite a lot of clouds on Sunday (and a healthy breeze) it should stay dry all day. By late Sunday night, some showers are likely but more likely on Monday with rainfall potential between .50-1.50″ by Monday afternoon. Like so many other times this summer, the rain will be scattered so it’ll be another case of Haves versus Have-Nots.

In terms of any coastal flooding, we catch a break as the tides on Sunday-Monday are rather low so that should prevent and coastal flooding concerns—some minor coastal flooding possible on Nantucket Sunday evening as well as along the South Coast of Rhode Island but that’s about it. Beach erosion will occur tho.

Weather should improve Tuesday of next week and it looks like a return to summer with more heat & humidity heading this way.

We’ll have updates on Hermine throughout the weekend.

Be safe, have fun!