Weekend Warm-Up With Shower Chances

We started off with showers and clouds this morning, but those showers still lingering along the S. Coast and the Cape should taper by noon.

This afternoon expect some sunny spells, but overall mostly cloudy with temperatures stretching into low 70s inland, upper 60s at the coast, near 60 by the South Coast and Cape due to cloud cover sticking around a little longer.

Tonight, expect a partial clearing of the skies, with temperatures slipping back into the upper 40s to low 50s.

Sunday features highs into the low 60s, but we’ll see increasing cloud cover through the day ahead of some spotty showers through the late afternoon.

Showers become more widespread by the evening, associated with the system that is bringing rain for Marathon Monday.

Showers will continue through the overnight hours into Patriots’ Day.  It will be a wet start for the runner’s, but at least it will not be nearly as cold as last year’s race.

Temperatures (similar to this morning) will start off near 60, and progress into the low to mid 60s by the afternoon as runner’s approach the finish line.  Showers could even taper by mid-afternoon, as the system lifts north and eastward.  The winds start off out of the southwest Monday morning, but then switch to out of the northwest by late afternoon.  Once the wind shift occurs, we could see some gusty conditions by dinner time.

It’s back to reality Tuesday.  Drier, breezy, and seasonable conditions with highs into the upper 50s.

Wednesday features a chance for a spot shower midday, and Thursday, too, but neither days are washouts.

Most of Friday will be dry under mostly cloudy skies and highs near 70, but rain showers are expected to pass through Friday night.