October has been both wet…. and dry. How does that work you ask? Well….

As of now, it’s rained 12 of the first 21 days of October (we’re not counting today since it’s not over yet). Pretty wet, right? Well, not so fast. As you see below, despite officially raining those days, there have been a number of them where it likely hasn’t even been enough to wet the pavement. So, in fact, the month of October rainfall is actually below average!

The record for October is having rain recorded on 17 of the 31 days. So let’s do the math… light rain will start later this evening (making day 13 on our tally). It will linger past midnight and into the morning commute (14 days).

Let’s pause the tally and time out that rain. The bulk of it will be overnight but I do think we have a wet morning commute on the way. That said, it will move out extremely quickly. By lunch time not only is the rain gone, but the clouds will be too! Expect one of those days where you need the umbrella to go to work, and the sunglasses to head home. Rainfall amounts won’t be a lot — much like the entire month so far. Most areas picking up 1/2″ give or take.

Ok, so back to the rain chances for the rest of this month… with tonight/tomorrow morning’s rain our tally is at 14. Thursday looks great with full on sunshine! Friday we’ll see clouds increase through the day with night showers on the way. So IF those showers (IF) arrive before midnight, we’ll be at 15. And should they linger past midnight and into early Saturday, we’ll be at 16. That said, most of Saturday looks dry! But expect a soaking rain on Sunday (17 days). And if the showers last after midnight into early Monday morning, our tally climbs to 18.

As you see here and also the first graphic in the blog, 18 would be good enough for the record on number of days in October recording rain. Again, that has nothing to do with the AMOUNT of rain, just the number of days that record any amount of rainfall.

And what about most days for ANY month of the year and not just October? Well, that’s a little harder. Let’s pick up Monday morning with our tally at 18. Tuesday looks dry at the moment, which is the 29th, meaning we’d have two days after to get a few drops of rain that could tie us with a long list of months with 19 days… 20 if we get drops on both days. So while it’s POSSIBLE to tie the record, right now it looks like best case scenario is we make tied-for-second with 19 days.

Make sense?

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