The day starts with drizzle, and then rain picks up in the afternoon. Expect steady, light rain after lunch time today with breezy conditions. It won’t feel as chilly with highs near 60º. We’ll start to see pockets of heavier rain after 4PM today with wind picking up as well along the coast. Although the wind picks up, it won’t be anywhere near as windy as it was earlier in the week.

The on and off heavy rain will continue into the evening and throughout the first part of the night.

The windiest conditions will be around between 5-11 PM today. It’s only a 6 hour window of low-end windy conditions along the coast. Gusts are mainly between 35-40mph.

Most of the area gets about 1.0″ of rain for the rest of today and into tonight.

Things clear up just in time for Halloween! Sunday morning starts cloudy with temperatures in the low and mid 50s. Skies gradually clear up throughout the day and it is mild with highs in the mid 60s.

We’re looking at great tick-or-treating weather! It will be breezy at first but winds die down as we approach sunset. Temps are in the mid 60s at 4PM, and then we drop into the mid and upper 50s in the evening. It will be dry and cool.

The week starts mild in the mid 60s, and then we gradually drop highs throughout the week.

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