Wet, Windy & Raw Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all those lovely mothers out there! I really wish I had a more pleasant forecast to talk about this Mother’s Day, but at least we still have some positive aspects to your forecast.

Our coastal storm (technically a Nor’easter) brings us unsettled weather throughout your Mother’s Day. Good news is that the heaviest rain (and even some snow showers in the higher elevations) was late last night into early this morning (through about 7AM). Most locations nabbed about 0.75-1.00″ of rain during this time.

Light to moderate rain showers stay in the forecast today into tonight, adding another 0.4-0.75″ (for most locations) of rain to our totals with this storm system. The steadiest of this rain looks to stay in eastern Massachusetts, which is also where we have the strongest winds today…yuck!


We do still have a Wind Advisory in effect through dinnertime, with the highest winds across the coastline. Winds gust up to 45 mph during this time, with gust inland peaking closer to 30 mph.

Showers linger into your Monday forecast, mostly wrapping up by the early afternoon. Temps will be closer to average tomorrow in the upper-50s and low-60s. Then we’re off to the races with a major warm-up and a nice stretch of sunshine!!!

New England weather taking us from a soggy, raw, March-like forecast today to mid-July in just four day…nice work!!