Wettest Weather is Done

Steady rain making most of us feel a “case of the Mondays” today.  Totals came in between 0.50-1.25″ for most.  Because of that rain and persistent onshore wind, temps fell from the mid 60s very early this morning into the mid 50s this afternoon.  If you had to check the calendar to confirm that it’s still July, you’re not alone!  Our temps today were more typical for April or October.  Don’t worry!  Summer isn’t over yet!  There are still 60 days left before the autumnal equinox (Sept. 22)… so in my books, we still have a good two months to frolic on the beach!

However, tomorrow won’t really be a beach day.  While we aren’t in for steady rain like today, it’s still cool and a bit damp (especially in the morning).  Overnight temps will hover in the mid 50s to near 60° and clouds, though broken in the interior, will fill back in.  We wake up to some light, spotty showers, patchy fog, mist and drizzle… and it might make you feel like you’ve got a case of “Tuesday Loseday.”  As I said before, the wettest weather is done – So while you may feel tempted to take the umbrella along tomorrow, any showers we see should be light enough for a hood on a jacket or sweatshirt to guard.

Clouds should break apart tomorrow afternoon for some peeks of sunshine.  Temps top out in the mid 60s to near 70°, and of course the more sunshine an area can soak up, the higher the temp will be there.  :c)  Tuesday doesn’t feel like a “summer in July” day… but it’s better than today.  We’ll take it.

Wednesday is my “pick day of the week,” if you’ll allow me to claim one of those.  Humidity is low, the sunshine is back and temps will be in the upper 70s away from the coast.  Enjoy.  The humidity creeps back in starting Thursday ahead of more unsettled weather Friday.  See you tomorrow!  – Breezy