White, Wet and Windy

We pretty much had a bit over everything yesterday and last night across New England as heavy, wet snow pasted some towns, a chilly rain greeted others, and localized downpours and gusty winds prevailed at times overnight.

We enter this Friday morning on the backside of the storm with leftover showers and a gusty wind. Showers this morning will be most widespread north of the Mass pike, and heaviest across Southern New Hampshire. For a little while, around midday, the rain chance is low as we try to dry on out, only to see a few more mid to late afternoon scattered showers to pivot back on in. Bottom line, it won’t rain all day, but keep the umbrella handy and allow for extra time on the wet roads this morning. Also, the breeze remains gusty through the day and as the wind changes direction from onshore to offshore, temperatures slide down a few degrees this afternoon. Mid 40s inland to near 50 along the coast is the general flavor of the day.

The rain was beneficial with many towns near/over 1″ of water. In Boston, we’ve picked up over 5″ of rain in the month of October, a good 1.5″ above average and the first above average month since February! Snow was an issue across the western half of the state yesterday too, with scattered power outages and the higher terrain picking up several inches. Despite some healthy first snows of the season, it paled in comparison to the power nor’easter that hammered the area 5 years ago.

The weekend overall looks ok. Maybe a stray sprinkle or isolated shower Saturday afternoon/evening and a few showers possible Sunday afternoon, but we’ll catch our dry hours in here too. Temps are near seasonable levels this weekend, in the mid to upper 50s.

Halloween looks good for the kiddos. Low 50s and some sun on Monday afternoon. Temps fade into the low to mid 40s after dinner for the Trick or Treaters, but with little wind and a dry pattern, it should make for an enjoyable evening. Fearing the sugar high for days after? Don’t worry, the weather during the middle part of next week looks good to have the little ones play outside and burn off that new found energy.