Why So Low, Cloud?

If you follow my blogs –  you know I’ve made reference to the Jimmy Dean commercial before.  The one where the sun says to the cloud, “Why so low, Cloud?”  To which the cloud responds, “Eh… Feeling a little foggy.”  That’s how we’ve felt this entire day in Boston – Not even a Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich could break us out of the gloom.  So, the temps in Boston were stuck in the 50s today.  In the meantime, elsewhere, the sunshine broke through the clouds and fog, and most of us experienced temps that warmed well into the 60s and low 70s.

That relentless fog is still in Boston this evening and filling back in for many coastal locations.  Maybe you noticed an increase in humidity today?  Yup… we’re bringing the “Frizz Factor” back for the next couple of days.  With the wet and windy weather we’re tracking though, a “bad hair day” is almost a guarantee – despite the humidity.  Unless you don’t have hair.  Lucky.

Details on the next couple of days:  Tomorrow is the beginning of it all, with scattered showers and building wind.  Really, it’s not a lot of rain on the way for Tuesday – maybe 0.1-0.2″ – more like “splash and dash” weather, but you’ll still want the umbrella.  That is, you’ll want the umbrella until the wind deems the umbrella non-functional.  Wind out of the south will build through midday and into tomorrow afternoon, eventually with gusts 35-45mph… It’s possible that some gusts could reach 50mph+.  The wind above the surface is screaming fast (55-65 kts) and if we can tap into that strong wind with some thunderstorms (updrafts and downdrafts) then we’ll get stronger wind here at the surface.  Either way, even a gust of 35mph is strong enough to cause some damage, especially with the trees still mostly leaved.  A Wind Advisory is in effect for all of Massachusetts from noon Tuesday through 11am on Wednesday:

As I mentioned already, Tuesday’s rain is just scattered showers.  The heaviest rain moves in for us Tuesday night through Wednesday morning, and there will likely be some soakers embedded in this.  First, it’s a slow moving front that’s pushing through, so it can give some of the stronger cells an opportunity to stay over one area for a while to drop too much rain too quickly.  Second, that screaming wind aloft I mentioned before will also do its job to squeeze out all of the available moisture in the atmosphere.  Third, there will be a lot of available moisture, as this sort of “highway of weather” has gathered up some moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and will be also scooping up some moisture from the warm Atlantic (Tropics).  After all is said and done, expect a widespread 1.5″-2.5″ of rain, with isolated reports coming in at 3-4″.  If it is “too much too quickly” then there will likely be some urban flooding issues.  Remember, “turn around, don’t drown.”  Don’t ever try to drive (or walk!) through standing water.  You just don’t know how deep it is.

After the front FINALLY moves through (sometime Thursday), we’ll get some more “fall-like” temps for the end of the week.  It looks likely that we get another dose of rain on Monday – but it should move out in time for Halloween festivities next Tuesday!  (Plus, the weekend forecast looks dry and fall-like for the early trick-or-treaters).  Cheers to a great week ahead!  – Breezy