Why So Low, Cloud?

Feeling a little foggy!  Get it?  It’s the Jimmy Dean commercial… when Sun asks the cloud, “Why so low?”  Look, we’ll move on.  It is a foggy start to this Friday.  Really that’s the biggest concern for the morning commute, as the fog is reducing visibility and slowing things down.  There have been a few scattered showers move through the area, but we hold off on the wet weather until later today.  However, there’s enough moisture out there to make the ground wet – and wet leaves can make for extra slick conditions.  Use caution when traveling by car, or by foot!  And don’t forget to grab the umbrella, as scattered showers will perforate the day.

As I already mentioned, we’ll hold off on the real showers until later today.  This action could show up for some of us by midday, but becomes more widespread later this afternoon/early evening.  For some of us, it’s just light scattered showers on again, off again.  For others, we could get some impressive downpours – even an isolated thunderstorm.  I do expect by the time the wet weather wraps up Saturday morning, we’ll see a widespread 0.50″ of rain… but for spots that tap into a downpour or two, totals could come closer to 1-2″.  The potential for heavy rain is there, since we are tapping into some tropical moisture.

For the weekend, wet weather wraps up early on Saturday – but then it becomes all about the wind.  Temps on Saturday will start out mild (low 60s) and cool throughout the day, as a WNW wind kicks in and strengthens.  By afternoon, temperatures will be in the low to mid 50s with wind gusts between 25-35mph.  Fall has fallen back upon us, and those gorgeous leaves we’ve been enjoying will be falling too.  Got the rakes ready?  We’ll be doing some clean-up next week.  The wind sticks around through Sunday, and we may even have wind gusts up to 40mph.  Headed to the Head of the Charles Regatta?  Pack on the layers.

Have a wonderful weekend!  – Breezy