Wicked Winds Start 2019

Happy New Year! Does everyone have their New Year’s resolutions made and ready to go?… Hopefully Mother Nature’s is less rain this year and lower summer humidity for us. That would be nice!

While we lose the rain today, we gain quite a bit of wind today as powerful northwest winds gust 50-60mph, peaking mid morning to early afternoon. Some of the strongest winds will be across the Worcester Hills, but even in Boston, gusts 50-55mph are possible.

It’ll be mild, many of us top off in the mid to upper 50s along the coastal plain to the upper 40s in the Worcester Hills. While temps run 15-20 degrees above average through midday, the numbers start to fade back this afternoon and run in the low to mid 40s by sunset and crash to near 20 by daybreak tomorrow.

With some colder air in place for about 36hours, a bit of light snow may dust up the ground with a coating to an inch around here early Thursday morning. It dry out by mid morning Thursday as sunshine returns by the afternoon.

By Saturday, we lose the cold enough air to support snow, and that means the next storm that rolls in is rain. A chilly rain at that too with a busy northeasterly breeze. Blah!

Have a good one and enjoy the day off if you have it today.

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