Wild Temp Swings Ahead

Check out the latest 7-Day forecast….some wild swings…more typical of a 7-day forecast for October than November but we’re living in a warm world these days…warm air lingers……..except for the weekend. After nearly hitting the record high of 76 (we hit 75) this afternoon, cooler air is filtering back into New England behind a cold front this evening. The weekend (as seen above) will be colder but seasonable for early November. Plan on afternoon highs in the 50s both days (near 50 coast tomorrow) with Saturday offering more sunshine than Sunday. There may be an isolated shower on Sunday but the key word there….isolated. Those clouds are tied to a warm front that will deliver the goods one last time on Monday as many cities & towns head for the low 70s yet again. I say last time because a cold front slices through the early fall warmth Monday evening ushering in much cooler weather for next week. In fact, a more powerful cold front with more bite may usher in some early winter season cold late next week! Stay tuned on that.

In the mean time, enjoy the weekend and don’t forget to flip the clocks back one hour before bed Saturday Night…Daylight Saving time coming to an end. That means sunrise on Sunday is at 6:23 and sunset will be at 4:32! Egad!