We have been starting to see the impacts of Jose moving in and strengthening throughout the day (wind and rain) – and the wind will continue to strengthen overnight tonight.  We’ve been saying it all along:  It is certainly cause for pause when you hear “Hurricane Jose is coming” – which as of the 11pm update, Jose is now a tropical storm… no longer a hurricane.  Still, a little daunting to even hear about a storm with a name after the last couple of named storms recently devastated other parts of the U.S. (Harvey, Irma).  What we will experience here at home with Jose is very much like any nor’easter we’ve ever been through – it’s just that this one will have a name (Jose).  So, ultimately… we can do this.

The greatest impact will be felt on Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard – and even more so, Nantucket.  The closer to the track of Jose, the greater the impact of wind and rain.  The only change in the forecast through the day today is that the National Hurricane Center dropped the Tropical Storm Warning for SE Mass (see graphic at top of post) – and continued it for the Cape and islands (and surrounding waters of SE Mass – but no longer land).  What this means is that we are expecting to see tropical storm conditions in those locations, which would be 39mph sustained winds with higher gusts – and coastal concerns.

The strongest wind will be tomorrow, with gusts on the Cape and islands getting between 50-60mph.  Being that the trees are fully leaved, this does make it easier for a gust to take a tree branch down and perhaps knock out the power.  Scattered power outages are expected for these locations – and perhaps even a few isolated power outages for the rest of us along the coastline.  If you haven’t planned ahead for this and you just remembered, “Oh!  I left the cover off of the BBQ!”  or “Boy, those chairs we rented for the family reunion are pretty flimsy… they might go flying.”  Well, here’s your reminder… Maybe just secure the patio umbrella/furniture to be on the safe side.

As for the rain – the bulk of our area so the bulk of the rain earlier this evening.  Tomorrow is a “light scattered showers with a breeze” type of day for MOST of us.  In fact, as I said this past weekend in one of my blogs:  “People in Worcester County may be saying ‘No way, Jose!’ and wondering what storm we were even talking about!”  It’ll be breezy, cool and a little showery tomorrow.  For the Cape and islands – there’s still a good amount of rain on the way (1-3″ with locally higher amounts possible) and it’s a WIND DRIVEN rain at that (see wind map above).

As far as the coastal concerns go, there will be quite a bit of beach erosion – due to the long-duration of the wind and wave action.  Minor coastal flooding is a possibility for the E and SE facing coastlines, with moderate coastal flooding a possibility for Nantucket.  Here are the high tides we’re most concerned about:

Now, even though Jose is passing WELL offshore… and even though it’s weakening… it’s not going anywhere very quickly as it passes by to our south.  This means that the wind will stay feisty for the Cape and islands for the rest of the week.  That’s going to be more annoying than anything.  But don’t cure Jose away just yet – because if there’s anything of the storm still there and hanging around next week, it could be a huge benefit to us by creating a sort of “pathway” or “avenue” for Hurricane Maria to take out to sea.  STILL at least 5 DAYS OUT – but it’s a possibility.

The other issue on the table is horrifying:  Hurricane Maria.  Another impressive, powerful, and devastating storm for the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season.  We’re watching this all very closely as the Cat 5 hurricane tracks toward Puerto Rico for an expected landfall tomorrow…  More to come in later blogs this week and into the weekend.

Be well.  – Breezy

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