Winds of Change

I’m sure someone else on the team has already used this blog title recently… but it seems like the most appropriate title, so I’m going to go with it!  A gusty NW wind battered this day, and took down our mild temps we had earlier.  The high in Boston made it up to 60° around mid-day, and even into the mid 60s for places along the South Coast – but the “winds of change” changed things quickly; as I type, we’re sitting in the low to mid 40s.  Ready for some of the coldest air of the season so far?  Here is comes!

Side note:  Does anyone else expect to see flying British nannies when it’s windy outside?  No?  Just me?  Weird.

Temps will continue to drop quickly tonight, despite the fact that a breeze remains.  I’ve blogged about “radiational cooling” before:  When we have clear skies and light winds, the heat from the earlier in the day at the surface will quickly escape back into the atmosphere, allowing for temps to drop rapidly.  Well, we have the “clear skies” component with us tonight – but we still have a strong breeze staying with us.  Did you know that some farmers use giant fans to keep frost away from their sensitive crops?  When you have the “wind” component in the mix, it keeps mixing the air around and won’t allow for temps to get as cold as they otherwise would on a calm night.  So, you would think with wind in the forecast tonight, we shouldn’t get as cold, right?  Well, not tonight.  That tells you HOW COLD this particular air mass is that’s moving in.  Despite the wind, it’s still some very COLD AIR that’s moving in and mixing in.  Lows overnight will be in the upper 20s to low 30s.  If we didn’t have the breezy conditions tonight, temps would have the potential to drop into the teens in some of the coldest spots!  Still following?  The observation site at Boston Logan hasn’t hit 32° yet this season… but it could happen tonight.  Bottom line:  It’s a cold night ahead.

Tomorrow is a chilly start to the weekend.  While we do get bright sunshine, it’s more of what I would call a “cat on a windowsill day.”  It looks better from the inside looking out, than the other way around.  I already told you how cold temperatures will be to start (27-34°) and we’ll only warm to highs in the mid to upper 40s.  Plus, there will still be a bit of a breeze out there, though not as windy as today.  Not a fan of this chilly Saturday?  Never fear!  This blast of “chill” is “one and done,” and we’re back to the mid to upper 50s on Sunday.  Perfect for GAME DAY!! GO PATS!  I can’t lie to you… I really haven’t been all that stoked about Sunday Night Football this season – especially with those three games in a row that went into OT.  BUT I AM EXCITED ABOUT THIS SUNDAY!

We stay dry until Tuesday.  This could be some beneficial rainfall on the way for us into early Wednesday.  Stay tuned… – Breezy