Winds of Change

What would you call the airmass this morning? Refreshing, invigorating, or disappointing? Hmm… yes our heat wave is over, but that doesn’t mean the nice weather is over for the weekend. While beachgoers and hot weather fans may be disappointed with the fresh Canadian airmass in place, if you’re weekend plans take you to the ball fields, golf courses or just working on the the yard/garden, the weather will work out for you just fine.

With mostly sunny skies prevailing, the UV index runs between 8-9 this weekend, which is considered very high. It doesn’t matter if it’s 90 or 60 out, if the UV index is up there, sunscreen is needed. Keep it in mind for you and the kiddos if you spend a lot of time outside this weekend so the sunburn doesn’t sneak up on you.

With onshore breezes the next couple of days, highs hold near 60 at the coast and run 65-70 inland. Sunday, the wind is more southeast vs. northeast, so the numbers will run a couple degrees warmer on Sunday, but generally the theme is the same. In addition, the air in place has little humidity and with clear skies and little wind tonight, temps tumble. Around daybreak tomorrow, the coolest burbs will be in the upper 30s with Boston holding closer to 50.

The weekend is dry, but the workweek is not. A chilly rain moves in Monday, especially in the afternoon and evening. Then more rain chances show up Wednesday and again Thursday afternoon into Friday morning. All said and done, we’ll likely catch 1-2″ of sky water this week.

How about Memorial Day Weekend?  The pattern looks close to seasonable levels with temps in the 70s. The patterns a fairly busy one over the next couple of weeks, so we’ll watch to see if there’s a front with some showers at some point over the 3 day span, but right now, it looks like many more dry hours than wet.

Have a great weekend!
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