Windy and Wet

Feel like we’re on a tropical vacation here in New England in the MIDDLE OF OCTOBER?!  Yes, once again it’s hard to believe that we’re soon going to be saying “trick-or-treat,” when really I feel more like saying “aloha.”  Temps climbed overnight last night and continued to climb well into the 70s today – and the frizz factor was certainly a factor today.  That’s because this weather we’re experiencing has taken the “Tropical Highway” straight outta the Tropics and into our backyard.  Well, without the sunshine anyway.

We’ve seen a few scattered showers in E. Massachusetts earlier today, but certainly nothing to write home about.  The WET weather has been really focused on Western New England.  We’re in the WIND part of it now, with gusts between 25-35mph and some reports of 45mph+.  There have been more than a couple dozen damage reports of trees down, branches down… etc.  All associated with non-thunderstorm wind gusts.  The wind out of the south continues to be gusty into the overnight hours and through tomorrow morning.  This could cause for isolated power outages tonight, so make sure your mobile devices are charged in case you need them for a morning alarm… or to watch #7News on our app.  Wind Advisory remains in effect until 11am:

The WET weather is closing in on us as I write this blog – and Worcester will be in for some downpours shortly (this evening).  The Flash Flood Watch has been expanded to include all of the Bay State – with E. Mass. under the watch through 10pm tomorrow (see picture at top of blog).  This means that we’re “watching out for” flash flooding.  Rainfall rates could be 1-1.75″ per hour – and too much rain too quickly can cause a lot of problems.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the phone dings overnight tonight to wake some of us up if/when Flash Flood Warnings are issued.  What we can expect in E. Mass. is what we’re seeing in W. Mass tonight:  Rain streaming in from south to north along a line – that line, slowly crawling from west to east.  That line will be VERY slow to move through the area, which will keep wet weather and the potential for downpours in our local forecast through tonight and tomorrow – and another batch of showers will move in for Thursday.

Friday and Saturday look dry – and a lot more like “fall” should look.  No more humidity, and temps in the low 60s to wrap up the work week.  More rain is on the way Monday – but we’ll dry out in time for Halloween.  Plus, Halloween looks like Halloween should:  crisp, cool and spooky.