Winter Finishing Strong

This is the last weekend of winter (yahoooooo) and it has been making quite the rally these past two weeks. The past two weekends have featured bitter temps with daytime highs only reaching the low 20s–below normal by 20 degrees! Add on the big storm earlier this week and winter can’t leave fast enough (#ByeFelicia). Unfortunately we have a little more cold & snow in the forecast. First, the snow threat. it will be from a storm passing south of New England tomorrow night-early Monday morning. Here is where the storm will be early Sunday morning…

This storm is not a repeat of the Tuesday storm but for you folks along the South Coast/Cape it will feature more wintry weather than what you saw with the Tuesday storm. Plan on that storm tossing some snow up onto the Cape/South Coast early Sunday morning. How far north it gets from there is the challenge. the reason is the storm track is wobbly…if it wobbles north enough then Worcester to Portsmouth will see some snow but if that wobble is south then places along/north of the Pike (Boston included) may not see a flake. Right now(Friday night), I’d plan on a few hours of snow with the steadiest snow likely along the South Shore down into Buzzards Bay and out onto the Cape. As for snow accumulations….it gets tricky in March because the roads are able to gather heat from the sun and hold it better than in December. IE… may see your town under the 2-4″ ribbon but only half of that would stick to road (if at all….could even be just wet roads). I think that’s the case for the parade in Southie–some snow but only a slushy coating-1″ possible along the route. Here is the snowfall forecast:

All in all….not a powerhouse storm with only some minor shoveling/plowing to be done. The other concern with the storm will be wind on Cape Cod:

Those 50+ mph wind gusts combined with the wet nature of the snow could lead to power disruption on Sunday. Off Cape, some wind gusts but not enough wind for damage or power disruption. The storm peels out of here early Monday and temps respond by reaching the 40s with even milder weather on Tuesday. It does look like one more blast of arctic air for the season will arrive next Wednesday-Thursday then after that, a slow warming trend should get the temps back to late March norms for the final week of March.

Have a great weekend–be safe!