Winter? Is That You?

You thought maybe we were ready to call it an early spring, right?  After all of the mild days we’ve had in January (22 out of 28 days so far were above average) and sitting at the 11th warmest January on record currently… it would seem that too much of winter is behind us to get a good wallop, right?  Wrong.  Well, probably wrong.  We learned that lesson the hard way two years ago – when the Blizzard of 2015 whacked us with around 2 feet of snow… and that was only the beginning of our record-snowfall winter!  I realize I’ve only lived in New England for only about 2.5 years now but if I’ve learned anything, it’s to not “stick a fork in winter” until after St. Patrick’s Day.  :c)  This pic showed up in my #Timehop app today as a reminder (cheers!):

So with all of that said, do I see any significant snow on the immediate horizon?  Not really.  However, what we do have in store is much colder weather – which will essentially set the stage for more of winter-like weather.  Tomorrow will be very much like today; another “mild” day compared to seasonal standards, with highs in the upper 30s and low 40s.  The kicker today though, was that chilly breeze and that’s with us again tomorrow.  We also can’t rule out an isolated snow shower or snow squall tomorrow evening as a cold front works through.  While the air behind this front isn’t terribly cold, it will bring us back “closer to normal” for this time of year.

Here in the world of “TV News,” we like to use “teases” to entice the viewer… Sort of a little “tease” that will make you think, “Ooooh, I wanna know more so I’m going to tune in!”  Tonight I sent out a little tease into the Twitterverse:

Replies/reviews were split about 50/50 on whether or not the snow is good/bad news.  BUT it’s not MUCH snow.  Looks like a quick clipper-type system that moves through late Tuesday into early Wednesday.  There’s not a lot of moisture with this round, but there is the cold air as I mentioned before.  It will be light snow showers/flurries for most, maybe amounting to a coating to 2″.  So, likely not plowable snow with this round… but will there be more??

I really believe winter is not over just yet.  In fact, it feels almost as though it’s just getting going.  With sunshine in store for Thursday, Ms. G (the Bay State’s very own groundhog/rodent forecaster) will probably see her shadow and call for 6 more weeks of winter.  I’m ready to already call for it:  Six more weeks of winter!  There seems to be something down the pipeline for the Monday after the Super Bowl… but it’s too early to really get down to details.  Either way, don’t put away the heavy parka or snow shovel just yet.  By this time two years ago, we were just getting winter started and February 2015 womped us with 64.8″ of snow!  Of course we’ll keep you posted, but now we’re in “chill and see” mode.  Have a great weekend!  – Breezy