The winter jacket is needed the next couple of days, but you won’t need it for Thanksgiving.

Chilly air moves in tonight, but a gusty breeze will make it feel cold! It will be bright and cold as you walk out the door tomorrow with wind chill values in the teens and 20s. Highs reach into the mid and upper 30s in the afternoon, but with the chilly wind sticking around, it will feel like the upper 20s and low 30s.

Alright, it’s even colder on Wednesday morning. A bit of a shock to the system type of morning. Take all the winter gear with you if you’ll be walking around outside Wednesday morning. It remains breezy in the morning, bringing down wind chills into the teens for most of the area. There will be less wind around in the afternoon. Highs are in the low 40s, but even with a light breeze it will feel like the low and mid 30s. Expect dry and sunny conditions.

The weather is calm across New England for travel on Wednesday. There will be a lot of sunshine and it is overall chilly with below average temps.

If you’re not a fan of the colder weather, then I think you’ll like the forecast for Thanksgiving Day. Temperatures will be in the low 50s at noon, and we’ll be in the low 50s at 3 PM if you’re doing a late lunch. Dinner time is mainly clear and cool in the mid 40s.

Travel across the Northeast is once again clear and quiet on Thursday. If you’re traveling west or south of the area you’ll run into some clouds.

Thursday is the best day to put up Christmas decorations. It will feel cold tomorrow with that gusty breeze. Wednesday is not a bad day to do it if you don’t mind the low 40s with a an occasional breeze. Friday will be in the 40s with on and off showers.

A chilly breeze is around again on Saturday with highs in the upper 30s. Sunday has lots of clouds and it remains chilly in the 30s.

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