Winter Still On Vacation

After a weekend full of rain & mild temps, the dry, arctic air is set to return. This, however, does not signal a return to a winter pattern full of cold and snow. We are in a La Nina winter and they do tend to start with cold and snow but then back off the accelerator as winter rolls on and it appears this version is no different. Here is what our early winter pattern (late December-early January) looked like:

Extreme cold and with the cold we saw some decent snowstorms (Bomb Cyclone anyone?). But since Mid January, that pattern relaxed and now when we look at the upcoming two weeks the pattern looks like this

That is not a pattern conducive to prolonged cold or nor’easters. Snow lovers have been somewhat spoiled in recent years with above normal snow in February tho. Check out recent February snow totals:

Based on that pattern graphic above for the remainder of February, it will be hard pressed for Boston to finish this February with above normal snow. So, is winter over? I do think the coldest part of winter is, yes, without a doubt but in terms of not having to shovel snow, I’m sure March will offer some cold & snow—case and point–last March was snowy and the monthly temp was colder than any of the winter months were last year.

As for the next few days, we do have a chilly day tomorrow but it’s one and done.

That’s actually a great example of what can (and does) happen in a mild pattern—-warm days for sure but even a random cold day is likely. That random cold day tomorrow is loaded with sunshine and mid February sunshine does feel warmer than mid December sunshine. Wednesday will offer a few more clouds but milder with temps heading for the mid 40s. Just lovely.