Pinch me, I must be dreaming… It IS still FEBRUARY, right?!  Some have been calling this #wintermission, because it has been quite the break from typical winter-weather.  Today was the third day in a row we’ve broken records.

And another one of “February’s warmest days” to add to the books:

This #wintermission comes to an end tonight, as a cold air-mass moves into place.  At the FRONT of that colder air-mass is a COLD FRONT.  Makes sense, right?  And with the spring/summer-like weather we’ve been experiencing, this abrupt change is coming along with some spring/summer-like storms.  The front has been impressive with several warnings prompted throughout the day – but the potential for strong/severe storms fades as the front tracks farther east.  Through midnight tonight, scattered showers move through – and we can’t rule out isolated rumbles of thunder or a quick downpour.  Gusty wind also comes along with this front… and certainly the colder air behind it.

Tomorrow it’s “back to reality,” with highs in the upper 30s to low/mid 40s.  A chilly/blustery breezy will add insult to injury – as this change from today to tomorrow will likely be a bit of a shock to the system.  It IS still February, after all.

But then – mild for the middle of next week… back into the 50s – though, unsettled Tuesday-Thursday.  Can you keep up with the temperature roller-coaster?  While I still don’t have any snowflakes in my 7on7 Forecast (see picture at top of blog), we are in for a COLD SNAP next weekend.  Don’t put away those heavy coats just yet… Winter is not over.

For now, I’ll leave you with this AWESOME picture from Steve on Twitter.  It’s weather in a crystal ball!  I often wish that a crystal ball was one of the tools we used to forecast with:  “I see spring coming in our future!”  :c)  – Breezy