Is it perfect? No, but all things considered, it’s a beautiful week for anyone wanting to make the most with time off this holiday week. Storm chances this week are small and no day is a total washout. Yesterday was probably the pick of the week, but today will be nice too. Temperatures will return to the 80s, humidity will stay low and the sun will return — granted it’s more of a filtered sunshine today versus the crystal clear skies we had yesterday.

The humidity has been comfortable the last couple of days but that will change moving forward this week. It’s comfortable again today, gets a little sticky Thursday and Friday, before becoming tropical by Saturday. As the humidity goes up, so do the rain chances. The bad news is most days going forward past today will feature some sort of rain chance. The good news is these are not washout days in any stretch. The wettest day looks to be Saturday.

Of course everyone is focused on Thursday for fireworks and while there is a rain and storm chance, I’m optimistic they will be gone by the Pops and Firework shows. The showers and storms will be very isolated through the day. If you think back to Monday where the storms were scattered and only impacted a small part of your day (if at all), that’s what we deal with again on Thursday. There are some trends that the showers will favor areas south of Boston but we’ll keep an eye on it.

Temperatures will take a little bit of a dip on Saturday with the higher rain chances and added clouds but even then, we stay above average the entire holiday week and weekend.

The nice weather is not just here in southern New England but northern New England too. If you’re heading to the Lakes Region or to the Cape for the holiday, you have some nice weather and just small storm chances like the rest of us hanging out closer to Boston.

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