WLVI Rescan Instructions

On January 9, 2018 at 10AM, WLVI’s signal will be changing frequencies.  If you currently receive WLVI through a cable or satellite service, you don’t have to do anything.  Your provider will change the frequency for you.  However if you watch WLVI over-the-air using an antenna, you may need to rescan your television on January 9 after 10AM in order to pick up Channels 56.1 and 56.2.   Different televisions refer to the process of scanning for new channels differently.  Below is an example of the procedure:

On your TV remote control, the first step is to select SETTINGS or MENU. Then select CHANNEL.  You should see that AIR or ANTENNA is already selected. Next, select either AUTO PROGRAM, AUTO SCAN, AUTO TUNE, or FIND CHANNELS. Wait for the scan to complete.  Once your rescan is complete, you will continue to find WLVI at Channel 56.1 and BUZZR TV at Channel 56.2, in the same place they’ve always been.

If you are still having difficulty and would like assistance from WLVI’s Technical Support staff, you can call (617) 725-0602, and one of our engineers will return your call and help guide you through the process over the phone.  Thank you for watching CW56 and BUZZR TV.