BROCKTON, MASS. (WHDH) - A Brockton man faced mounting bills and possible eviction when his disability checks failed to arrive. Desperate for help, he contacted Solve It 7.

“I’m constantly in pain all the time, and it doesn’t go away,” said Stafford Dougan.

He struggles with kidney disease and fibromyalgia. The illnesses are so debilitating that he can’t work, which is why he needs disability benefits to make ends meet.

“I can’t go out and like a normal person would go out and get another job. I can’t do that,” said Stafford.

He was approved for assistance last October and got a letter saying his payments would start the next month.

But five months later, Stafford still hasn’t​ received a cent.

“I’m constantly either going to the office and calling to try to find out why I haven’t gotten my disability checks coming in,” said Stafford.

In the meantime, he can’t pay his rent.

“I’m stressed, I’m worried about the knock on the door from the landlord, and possibly getting evicted,” said Stafford.

He depends on his family to help him with food.

“It’s sad that it has come to that point that I have to a family member has to help me out that way,” said Stafford.

Determined to get back on his feet, Stafford turned to Solve It 7.

“I just figured out of anybody else who could help me was Channel 7 News. So I reached out,” said Stafford.

And we reached out to the Social Security Administration Office.

A spokesperson told us she couldn’t comment on any specific case, but did say Stafford’s case had been prioritized.

One week later, his money arrived!

“Thank you…It’s heartfelt, to say the least, that I’m thankful for Channel Seven, picking up the story,” said Stafford.

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