7 Investigates: Chaotic Crossing

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7 Investigates: How mailbox bandits make off with thousands of dollars worth of stolen checks

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7 Investigates: Fentanyl resembling candy raises alarms as rainbow-colored drugs appear in New England

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7 Investigates: Fractured Foundations

Something unsettling could be happening to your home, and you might not know it. Hundreds of Massachusetts homeowners have discovered their concrete foundations are crumbling. And forRead More

7 Investigates: Assault on the inside

7 Investigates staff shortages at Nashua Street Jail in Boston.  Correction Officers are speaking out about dangerous conditions that are made worse by 16 hourRead More

7 Investigates: Wheelchairs mishandled by airlines 

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7 Investigates: Perilous Passages

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7 Investigates: Student Loan Cancelations

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7 Investigates: Mice in Logan Airport

They’re quick, and they’re tiny and might be missed if they weren’t caught on camera: mice have been seen scurrying through Logan Airport.  “Repeatedly, I kept seeing mice. AndRead More

7 Investigates: High-Tech Help

(WHDH) — Police departments are gaining ground on would-be thieves by using the latest hi-tech gear. Cameras that read license plates are being installed aroundRead More