7 Investigates: Fractured Foundations

Something unsettling could be happening to your home, and you might not know it. Hundreds of Massachusetts homeowners have discovered their concrete foundations are crumbling. And forRead More

7 Investigates: Assault on the inside

7 Investigates staff shortages at Nashua Street Jail in Boston.  Correction Officers are speaking out about dangerous conditions that are made worse by 16 hourRead More

7 Investigates: Wheelchairs mishandled by airlines 

7 Investigates found travelers left stranded, devastated, and heartbroken after airlines damaged the wheelchairs they depend on to get around and keep them healthy. TheRead More

7 Investigates: Perilous Passages

There’s debris danger on Massachusetts roads and highways. Pieces of concrete and metal have been falling from bridges and overpasses right into cars. “When itRead More

7 Investigates: Student Loan Cancelations

If you’ve been trying to pay off a student loan, we have some potentially life-changing news! Tens of thousands of loans are going to beRead More

7 Investigates: Mice in Logan Airport

They’re quick, and they’re tiny and might be missed if they weren’t caught on camera: mice have been seen scurrying through Logan Airport.  “Repeatedly, I kept seeing mice. AndRead More

7 Investigates: High-Tech Help

(WHDH) — Police departments are gaining ground on would-be thieves by using the latest hi-tech gear. Cameras that read license plates are being installed aroundRead More

7Investigates: How to identify ‘zombie trees’

(WHDH) — Through snow and summer storms, we’ve all seen the damage downed trees can cause. Experts say many of the trees that fall duringRead More

7 Investigates: Crumbling Concerns

Many people drive over them every day. And drivers probably don’t think about the safety of bridges in the Boston area. But 7-Investigates found bridgesRead More

Hank Investigates: Mysterious RMV Complaint Letters

Some Massachusetts drivers tell 7-Investigates their licenses were threatened with suspension after they got baffling letters in the mail from the RMV. What’s going on?Read More