WATCH: Sky7-HD shows extensive storm damage after multiple tornadoes across New England

Severe storms tore through southern New England Friday morning, with multiple tornadoes confirmed in North Attleboro, Mansfield, Weymouth and Scituate, Rhode Island. Sky7-HD was overRead More

South Korean zoo celebrates birth of first twin pandas

(CNN) — A giant panda at a South Korean zoo has given birth to the country’s first twin cubs. The palm-sized female pandas were born atRead More

An Arizona man was mauled to death by a black bear in a rare, unprovoked attack

(CNN) — An Arizona man was fatally mauled by a black bear that attacked him unprovoked while he was having his morning coffee on Friday. StevenRead More

New dinosaur with blade-like spikes for armor discovered on UK’s Isle of Wight

CNN) — A new species of dinosaur with blade-like spikes for armor has been discovered on the Isle of Wight, off the south coast of England. Named Vectipelta barretti,Read More

Thousands of bees descend on cricket match forcing play to be suspended

(CNN) — In the world of sport, there are many reasons for games to be suspended or postponed. Fans are used to seeing games stopped for downfalls ofRead More

Netflix password crackdown boosts new subscribers to highest level since Covid began

New York (CNN) — Early results indicate Netflix’s new plan to boost its bottom line by cracking down on password sharing in the United States is paying off.Read More

More than 5,000 new species discovered at future deep-sea mining site in Pacific Ocean

Toronto (CTV Network) — More than 5,000 new species have been discovered at an expansive future deep-sea mining site in the Pacific Ocean. Known asRead More

Three sand cat kittens born at North Carolina Zoo

(CNN) — Animal lovers can now witness three times the cuteness at the North Carolina Zoo. Three sand cat kittens were born on May 11 toRead More

Houseboats catch fire at popular destination Lake Powell on Utah-Arizona line

More than half a dozen house boats momentarily caught fire at a popular boating destination on the Utah-Arizona line on Friday, igniting while tourists andRead More

WATCH: Suspected drunk driver slams into restaurant twice

A man is charged with drunk driving after slamming into a restaurant twice. Security video shows the SUV inside a Subway in Wisconsin on Tuesday.Read More