Two decades after Abu Ghraib scandal, three detainees get their day in US court

(CNN) — A civil trial against a US defense contractor accused of engaging in and directing abuse at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq began Monday in Alexandria,Read More

Body of 4th Baltimore bridge collapse victim recovered as feds start criminal probe and others launch new investigations

(CNN) — A trio of new investigations is underway Monday to see who might be responsible for the deadly Baltimore bridge collapse that killed six people, destroyedRead More

Camels evolved from a cold-weather ancestor. We could learn from their remarkable transformation

(CNN) — Since I became a climate reporter — and then a new dad — bedtime stories are different now. Coming home from flood or drought,Read More

WSJ: Justice Department will sue Live Nation for antitrust violations

New York (CNN) — The US Department of Justice is preparing to sue the country’s largest concert promoter and ticketing website Live Nation in the comingRead More

January 6 rioters want the Supreme Court to let them off the hook from obstruction charge

(CNN) — The Supreme Court will hear arguments Tuesday from a former Pennsylvania police officer who stormed the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, in a caseRead More

Facebook and Instagram’s response to deepfake porn is under review by its oversight board

New York (CNN) — Meta’s Oversight Board is set to evaluate the company’s handling of deepfake pornography amid growing concerns that artificial intelligence is fueling a rise inRead More

iPhone sales are plunging. Here’s why

(CNN) — Apple’s smartphone sales tumbled a stunning 10% last quarter, according to market research firm IDC. The main cause: iPhone sales in China fell sharply.Read More

Key surveillance tool could run out Friday as senators struggle to reach agreement to beat deadline

(CNN) — A critical intelligence community surveillance tool could lapse temporarily Friday unless senators reach an agreement to speed passage of a bill that wouldRead More

Arizona Republicans weigh options to defeat abortion rights ballot measure, draft proposal reveals

(CNN) — Arizona Republicans are weighing their options to defeat a potential abortion rights ballot initiative this fall, including offering measures of their own that couldRead More

White House declines invite for Biden to testify in House Oversight impeachment inquiry

(CNN) — The White House informed House Oversight Chair James Comer that President Joe Biden will not accept his invitation to testify in a committee impeachment inquiry hearing, according toRead More