A North Brookfield woman noticed a leak in her roof getting solar panels.

Tired of using all her energy to get it fixed, she turned to solve it 7.

“I used to drive by this house, used to look at and say, oh, that’s such a cute little house,” Dawn said.

Dawn used to dream about living in this house, and now she does!  

“I love this house. So, it means a lot to me. It’s not like just any place…it’s my home,” Dawn said.

But her dream turned into a nightmare after she installed solar panels.  

“One day, it was storming. And there were high winds. And I went to my bathroom, and there was a huge puddle of water,” Dawn said.

Turns out, the panels wrecked her roof – causing water damage and mold on her ceiling.  

The solar energy company sent someone to remove the panels.​

“He says, yeah, we are definitely responsible for this. And he says, don’t worry, they’re going to have to replace your roof,” Dawn said.

Dawn arranged to get her roof fixed , but the plan sprung a leak, when the company refused to pay for it.    

“Oh no we can’t do it because of the condition of your roof caused this – I thought that was funny because they did an assessment on my roof and said it was fine,” Dawn said.

This meant Dawn would have to pay the $25,000 for repairs.

“It was incredibly stressful, because I was like, how am I going to do this? How am I going to afford to put a brand-new roof in and replace all of this and it wasn’t even, no fault of my own,” Dawn said.

A family member suggested she call Solve It 7!

“It was my sister’s idea… I think that’s probably a good idea. Maybe I’ll do that,” Dawn said.

We contacted the solar panel company and pointed out the warranty guarantees repair for any weather-related roof damage.  

The company then assured us the subcontractors who installed the panels would honor their warranty.​

Dawn’s roof will now be fixed—free of charge.​​

“Thank you so much for reaching out for wanting to hear my story,” Dawn said.

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