18-month-old boy dies after being hit by family car

WORCESTER, Mass. (WHDH) — An 18 month old died of injuries suffered when he was hit by the family car in Worcester on Friday night.

Police said the toddler's mother was taking the boy out of the car when it started to roll down a hill.  They were both knocked over by the open rear door.  The car then ran both of them over.  It was unclear what the caused the car to start rolling.

The mother suffered a shoulder injury but has been released from the hospital.

Neighbors said the mom treated her little boy very well.

"They take great care of their kids, they're always very polite very nice. The children are very nice,” Jose Reyes said.

The hill their neighborhood is on has some concerned, but they don't think anything like this has happened before.

“We’re hoping everything is okay and that the family will pull through,” Reyes said.

Police have taken the vehicle to their station where they will continue to investigate the accident.