Boston staying vigilant after NYC bombings

BOSTON (WHDH) - Law enforcement in Massachusetts is being extra alert after bombs were found in and around New York City over the weekend.

For those who lived through the Boston Marathon Bombing, what happened in New York City Saturday night brought back horrific memories from Patriots Day 2013.

Former State Police Col. Timothy Alben was at the front lines of the 2013 investigation. Alben believes that since events like the marathon bombing and other terror attacks, security has increased greatly at concerts, sporting events and popular tourist destinations. He also believes the concern now should be other areas that may be more vulnerable, like the Manhattan neighborhood Chelsea on Saturday.

“This is New York City. There’s a lot of people there, obviously it could cause a great deal of injury and devastation,” said Alben.

State Police checked databases and social media and found nothing connecting suspect Ahmed Khan Rahami to Massachusetts. Law enforcement is increasing security anyway, saying they are not taking any chances.

“I’m glad that he’s been found and brought in and the message from the beginning has been that this does not have any connection to anything going on here in New England,” said Gov. Charlie Baker.

On CNN, former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis said there is no way Rahami is a lone wolf that learned how to make bombs online like the Tsarnaevs did in Boston.

“A lot of these guys blow themselves up,” said Davis. “The fact that they didn’t blow themselves up. The fact that they were using cellphones as detonators shows a level of sophistication that we didn’t see in Boston. And I really believe that they don’t do this by looking at the Internet. They have to have someone show them how to do it.”

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