Boston’s newest Instagram star: Rhea the featherless lovebird

BOSTON (WHDH) - Boston’s newest Instagram star is Rhea, the featherless lovebird.

The 2-year-old bird is featherless but that hasn’t stopped her from gathering more than 74,000 followers on Instagram. Her owner Isabella Eisenmann said Rhea has a rare illness that keeps her from growing feathers. When her dog’s veterinarian said the bird needed a new home, Eisenmann jumped at the chance.

“I fell in love with her,” said Eisenmann.

Rhea’s illness could be fatal and she is contagious to other birds. She also has to undergo blood work once a year but Eisenmann said the lovebird has a happy personality. Rhea loves climbing the stairs in Eisenmann’s apartment and sitting on people’s shoulders.

Eisenmann posts photos and videos of the bird wearing cute sweaters to keep her warm, trying on a Donald Trump wig and posing with her best friend.

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