Tsarnaev Court Documents

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Documents:

January 27, 2016: Unsealed document from May 7, 2014 – Motion to suppress statements
Unsealed document from May 12, 2014 – Motion to suppress fruits of searches: Electronically stores information, including email communications and data contained in the Sony Vaio laptop computer
Unsealed document from May 9, 2015: Government’s reply to defendant’s opposition to its motion in limine to exclude the testimony of Sister Helen Prejean
January 15, 2016: Details of Tsarnaev conviction, including monetary penalties
Judge grants Motion for Order to Maintain Protection of Privileged and Confidential Defense Information and Work Product to an extent
Judge O’Toole’s opinion and order on Tsarnaev case
December 23, 2015: Notice of supplemental authority re: motion for judgment notwithstanding verdict and for new trial
September 30, 2015: Opposition to defendant’s motion for judgment notwithstanding the verdict and for new trial
August 24, 2015: Judge denies Globe’s request for release of jury list
August 17, 2015: Tsarnaev motion for new trial judgment
August 11, 2015: Motion for six-week enlargement of time to submit information in support of claims for restitution
July 3, 2015: Motion to withdraw Azamat Tazhayakov’s appeal
June 24, 2015: Tsarnaev’s statement at sentencing
June 24, 2015: Judge’s remarks at Tsarnaev sentencing
June 23, 2015: Proposed judgement with respect counts four, five, nine, ten fourteen and fifteen
June 12, 2015: Motion of Boston Globe in support of motion for access to jury list
May 29, 2015: Motion to preclude introduction of victim impact evidence and testimony
May 27, 2015: Motion for order extending the time for filing post-trial motions
Government memorandum for sentencing of Dias Kadyrbayev
Family of Sean Collier’s victim impact statement against Dias Kadyrbayev
May 18, 2015: Completed penalty phase jury verdict form
May 13, 2015: Penalty Phase jury verdict form
May 12, 2015: Motion to bar improper prosecutorial arguments

Motion to strike aggravating factors
Government opposition to Tsarnaev motion to strike aggravating factors
May 10, 2015: Request for judicial notice of SAMs-related litigation
April 29, 2015: Tsarnaev transcript
April 24, 2015: Tsarnaev motion to compel testimony

  Government opposition to motion to compel

  List of mitigating factors

April 17, 2015: Government response to Tsarnaev sentencing instructions request
April 14, 2015: Juror instructions regarding bombing anniversary and 2015 Boston Marathon
Proposal from Tsarnaev defense regarding jury instructions for sentencing
April 9, 2015: Completed verdict form detailing convictions against Tsarnaev
April 8, 2015: Transcript of judge addressing jury questions on 2nd day of deliberations
April 7, 2015: Official jury verdict form for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev trial
April 5, 2015: Government’s opposition to Tsarnaev’s motion for judgement of acquittal

April 3, 2015: Tsarnaev response to court order regarding indictment and verdict form
                        Tsarnaev defense objection to proposed jury verdict form

Proposed jury verdict form– II
April 2, 2015: Jury instructions for Tsarnaev trial
Proposed jury verdict – I
March 30, 2015: Tsarnaev defense motion for judgment of acquittal

March 29, 2015: Tsarnaev motion to admit statements by party-opponent

March 19, 2015: Withdrawal of motion to inspect and copy trial exhibits
March 17, 2015: Full Jury questionnaire released
March 13, 2015: Judge denies second request to dismiss indictment
March 10, 2015: Full text of note Tsarnaev wrote inside Watertown boat
                           Part 1 of note Tsarnaev wrote inside Watertown boat
                           Part 2 of note Tsarnaev wrote inside Watertown boat
                           Part 3 of note Tsarnaev wrote inside Watertown boat
March 2, 2015: Tsarnaev requested modification to the Government proposed guilt-phase preliminary instructions
                          Government’s proposed guilt-phase preliminary instructions
                          Defense’s fourth motion for change of venue
                        Exhibits supporting fourth motion for change of venue
Feb. 27, 2015: Appeals court rejects request to move trial part 1, appeals decision part 2
                        Government’s proposed preliminary instructions for jury
Feb. 26, 2015: Second motion to dismiss indictment
Feb. 17, 2015: USA v. Tsarnaev order on motion for miscellaneous relief
Feb. 15, 2015: Government opposition to Tsarnaev request for change of venue
                        Boston Globe request to unseal materials referenced in Tsarnaev motion for leave
                        Tsarnaev motion for leave to file reply
Feb. 12, 2015: Appeals court to hear arguments on Tsarnaev trial change of venue
Feb. 3, 2015: Motion concerning press presence during jury selection
                      Motion to stay jury selection
Jan. 28, 2015: Government opposition to third change of venue request
Jan. 22, 2015: Tsarnaev defense third motion for change of venue / excerpts from jury questionnaires
Jan. 13, 2015: Tsarnaev defense requests delay of jury selection in light of Paris attacks
Jan 12, 2015: Jurors from Panel A excused from Tsarnaev trial
                       Jurors from Panel B excused from Tsarnaev trial
Jan. 7, 2015: Judge’s reasons for denial of second motion to continue
Jan. 3, 2015: Federal Court of Appeals denies Tsarnaev request to delay trial and relocate
Jan. 2, 2015: Judge says delay of jury selection is unnecessary
                      Judge’s opinion on second motion to delay trial
                      Tsarnaev requests more time to file memos of appeal
Jan. 1, 2015: Government opposition to change of venue
Dec. 31, 2014: Motion to deny delay/change of venue
                         Appeal to motion to deny delay/change of venue
                         Petition for writ of mandamus
Dec. 29, 2014: Government request to exclude Tsarnaev’s biopsychosocial expert witness
                         Tsarnaev reply to Governments opposition to delay trial
Dec. 24, 2014: Government response to Tsarnaev request to delay trial
Dec. 23, 2014: Tsarnaev lawyers ask to delay trial to September 2015
Dec. 22, 2014: Tsarnaev request to remove demonstrators from outside courthouse
                        Tsarnaev response to government response to second change of venue request
Dec. 18, 2014: Government response to second Tsarnaev change of venue request
Dec. 8, 2014: Tsarnaev motion to eliminate group questioning for jurors
                       Government opposition to Tsarnaev request for jury review
Dec. 5, 2014: Motion to exclude expert’s testimony
                       Motion for reconsideration of order denying motion to produce grand jury instructions
Dec. 1, 2014: Tsarnaev request for change of venue (second request)
                       Affidavit outlining news search procedure
                       Search terms (redacted)
                       Boston Globe articles discovered
                       Boston Herald articles discovered
                       Affidavit in support of methodology / conclusion
Nov. 10, 2014: Government response to Tsarnaev request to not disclose witnesses
Oct. 31, 2014: Motion for leave to file reply
Oct. 17, 2014: Judge denies motion to dismiss grand jury violations
Oct. 17, 2014: Judge denies motion to dismiss evidence searches
Sept. 25, 2014: Tsarnaev discovery deadlines
Sept. 24, 2014: Judge denies motion for change of venue, sets trial date for January
Sept. 18, 2014: Tsarnaev response to motion for leave
Sept. 12, 2014: Agreed-to proposal regarding procedures for jury selection
Sept. 4, 2014: Motion to supplement record on motion for change of venue
Aug. 8, 2014: Government’s opposition for Tsarnaev motion.
July 25, 2014: Renewed Motion for a Hearing to Address Leaks by Law Enforcement.
June 18: Change of venue request
June 13, 2014: Judge denies petition extension
June 9, 2014: Tsarnaev response to suppression of physical evidence
June 2, 2014: Prosecution objection to suppressing physical evidence
May 30, 2014: Press release for indictment of Khairullozhon Matanov
May 29, 2014: Indictment of Khairullozhon Matanov
May 21, 2014: Opposition to motion to extend time
May 21, 2014: Motion for list of mitigating factors
May 21, 2014: Opposition to motion for informative outline
May 7, 2014: Motion to strike duplicative aggravating factors
May 7, 2014: Motion for informative outline of the government’s evidence of aggravating factors
May 7, 2014: Motion to preserve constitutional challenges to the federal death penalty act
May 7, 2014: Motion for grand jury instructions regarding the death penalty, and to strike the capital "special findings"
May 7, 2014: Order for Motions to Seal
May 7, 2014: Motion for leave to file certain exhibits to motion to suppress statements under seal
May 7, 2014: Motion for leave to file certain exhibits to motions to suppress physical evidence under seal
March 27, 2014: Matanov police transcript
March 25, 2014: Letter to Director Comey about Ibragim Todashev
Feb. 28, 2014: Government opposition to Tsarnaev meeting with sister
Jan. 30, 2014: Notice of intent to seek the death penalty
Aug. 8, 2013: Tsarnaev friends indictment
Aug. 8, 2013: Tsarnaev friends indictment press release
July 13, 2013: Menino letter to Rolling Stone
June 27, 2013: Tsarnaev indictment
May 10, 2013: Tamerlan Tsarnaev death certificate