Search called off for missing swimmer in Plymouth

PLYMOUTH (WHDH) - Police and other emergency crews searched a Plymouth pond Wednesday evening for a missing swimmer.

Police said they were searching for a 26-year-old man in Herring Pond. A witness said two men and a woman were on a boat when they jumped into the pond without anchoring the boat. The woman and one of the men managed to get back in the boat but the other man slipped away and did not resurface.

“The one girl swam back to the boat and tried tossing a lifejacket to the person as the one guy was trying to hold the one guy above the water,” said witness Derek Chapman. “He just couldn’t hold on anymore because he was dragging him underwater.”

Dive teams were in the water for about two hours and the Coast Guard sent out a helicopter. The search was called off Wednesday evening due to nightfall and a thunderstorm passing through.

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