Taking it to The Next Level

Despite a cooler airmass, we still managed to make the low 60s in Southeast Mass. this afternoon. Cities and towns like Taunton, Middleboro and Raynham leveled off around 62° while New Bedford hit 63°!

First, the deep plunge overnight. This will be the coldest night we’ve seen in over a week! Stable high pressure will settle the winds and be the catalyst for lows in the upper 20s to low 30s. Surely a cold start to the day tomorrow, but the turnaround will be both steady and significant.

Roles reverse tomorrow as the winds turn to the southwest: those areas above that were in the 60s fall back to the 50s, while those of us in the 50s surge to the 60s. Fair trade, eh? Well, it might not even out in the coming days. There will be more cool days at the coast/Capes/Islands than warm as the winds turn onshore into the weekend.

Overall, we’re taking things to a whole new level as the warmth eyes the East and Northeast. Hanging in the balance this weekend is a fickle front that stalls over Southern New England. I’m playing it cloudy and cool (ish) on the 7 day, but the potential is there for a couple of 70 degree readings on Sunday if this front washes out and dissolves.

Seeing as this is almost mid-April and we’re in the heart of sea breeze season, I don’t think this front will simply “rub out”. So we’ll keep it in the low/mid 60s Saturday, and warm Sunday a tad.

The real heat will wait until Monday. Perfect setup for early summer temps in the upper 70s to low 80s (warmest from Boston north and west): warm upper level temperatures, southwest wind and plenty of sun. Not buying it? It’s happened many times in the past in mid April (see past Marathons) and confidence is running high with all the models aligning.

The bigger question: who’s gonna make it a 3 day weekend?