Kenworthy: Sochi puppies coming to US soon

Gus Kenworthy took home a silver medal in snowboarding but his fame skyrocketed when he posted a picture on Twitter with four puppies that he was planning on adopting and bringing back to the US.    

Thursday on ‘Kathy Lee and Hoda’ Gus made some dog food with the ladies and even tried some himself.

His puppies weren’t on the show, but he said they’re still going to be coming home.

“The puppies are awesome. They’re in Sochi right now they’re at the vet. They’ve gotten all the inoculations all shots that they need now they just need a little bit of time,” Kenworthy said.

Gus says it’ll take a few weeks to get them over here. He said he plans on keeping two of them and giving the other two away.