Hank Investigates: E-Z Pass Payback

Look what we got! This list shows thousands of drivers owed refunds from forgotten E-Z Pass deposits. And it’s never been made public before!

Now, if you’re saying, “slow down, it’s going by too fast to read!” don’t worry, we’ll soon show you how to claim your cash.

But first, let’s reverse to 2015. We showed you Doug Keyes, who left Massachusetts years ago and moved to Illinois. He’d used his transponder to pay his last toll on the Pike and left $20 behind in his account.

Doug: “I just didn’t give the E-Z Pass another thought.”

Turned out Doug wasn’t the only driver with a forgotten deposit. We discovered MassDOT was holding more than 81,000 accounts of former E-Z Pass users who were owed a total of almost 2 million dollars.

Massachusetts law says forgotten money like that must be handed over to the State Treasurer’s Unclaimed Property Division, they’ll publicly list it and give it back to the rightful owners. Problem was, MassDOT was just holding on to it.

Back then, we asked:

Hank: “Will you turn over that money now?”

Stephen Collins, MassDOT: “Yes.”

But we found 18 months later that hadn’t happened. We found though MassDOT did return some of that forgotten money.

It was still holding 1.7 million dollars. After we started asking questions about it again, the money was finally handed over to the Treasurer’s Office.

Hank: “This is more than 70 thousand people.”

Mark Bracken, JD, Massachusetts Treasurer’s Office: “Yes.”

Hank: “Do you think they know they have this money?”

Bracken: “I would say very few people know they’re on that list.”

Our next big question: Are you on the list?

Here, only on 7, is the first look at it! A Watertown man is due $257! $100 to a guy in Worcester, and $155 to a woman in Revere.   And on and on and on.

SEE THE LIST HEREUnclaimed EZ Pass Cities and States

Bracken: “I think it’s a lot of money that will make a lot of people happy all because of your investigation. But we would have never known this money was sitting there…”

Hank: “Without?”

Bracken: “Without you investigating and telling us that there was an issue.”

Also as a result of our investigation Mass DOT has revamped its system to return money more quickly. Think you’ve got money?

First, check the PDF list to see if your name is on it. If it is, you might be owed money. To find whether it’s yours click this link to the Massachusetts Treasurer’s Office Unclaimed Property Division:


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