17-year-old girl shielded little sister from severe weather caused by tornado in Tennessee

(WHDH) — A 17-year-old girl, Ellie Williams, shielded her 9-year-old sister from  severe weather caused by a tornado in Tennessee after getting locked outside of their home.

Williams said she and her little sister initially went outside to fix the family’s pool tarp that was coming undone in the wind. When they went back up to their house  and they realized they were locked out.

Williams said, “But the door was locked, we locked ourselves out, so I just grabbed her and went into the fetal position and I used some of our outdoor furniture and the wind was just swirling and we were just praying that we’d be saved because it was really scary and I remember my sister just saying, ‘Jesus please save us.'”

The National Weather Service confirmed a tornado touched down in the area.

Both of the Williams sisters are uninjured although their property experienced significant damage.

Two barns in the area were swept away and a tree had fallen on their father’s truck.

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