2 dogs dead after walking in same park, Charlestown residents left concerned

BOSTON (WHDH) - Some people living in Charlestown are concerned their dogs may be in danger following two suspicious pet deaths.

Gucci the English Bulldog was as popular on Instagram as she was in her Boston neighborhood.

She was “just that dog that everybody knew,” Gucci’s owner, Matt Faisano, said. “She was the most popular dog on the block.”

He said everything was fine until he took her for a walk in Eden Street Park. Later that night, the pup got sick.

“She was fine and then we came home and within a couple of hours she started to get lethargic,” he explained.

Faisano said that he planned to take her to the vet in the morning but by then, it was too late.

Less than 12 hours since that walk in the park, Gucci was gone.

“Whatever it was it was just slowly shutting her down,” Faisano said.

Now, another Charlestown dog owner is saying the same thing happened to his dog after a visit to the same park earlier this week.

“There’s definitely people around this park who don’t want the dogs here,” one woman said.

Some residents have come out on their own to search the park for possible poison while others have reached out to the city for help.

“Called over to the city to animal control, they checked it out and rodent control hadn’t put anything down so there’s nothing the city had done,” dog owner Matt Pruitt said.

Both Boston Parks and Recreation and police officers have been to the park to check it out; however, they say they have not found anything suspicious.

Faisano says he hopes city leaders can get to the bottom of this soon.

“If there was a trend of dogs consuming something toxic in the park, I’d love for that to be solved because its a big issue for families and pets and our community,” he said.

Both the dog owners say they are not sure if their beloved pets were poisoned but are concerned because they exhibited the same symptoms after visiting the same park.

Anyone who may have seen something suspicious is urged to call the police.

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